We Say Goodbye to Booking Fees on Tickets to Robot Needs Home Shows

We got really cross the other day when we saw someone pay a £3 booking fee for a BOX OFFICE COLLECTION ticket for a show at a major Leicester venue – but getting cross can be a positive thing sometimes.

From now on if you buy your tickets through the Robot Needs Home Website you pay ABSOLUTELY NO BOOKING FEES WHATSOEVER. We didn’t have to do anything to sell it to you – that’s what computers are for – and it’s an E-Ticket, so we also remove postage AND we kill less trees.

We think this is something that more people should be doing so we’d LOVE to open it up to other promoters as well. If you want to sell your tickets through our site, you can do just that, and collectively we can stop ticket companies ripping off gig goers. Come in to the Collective.

Head over to the events section of the site, pick a show and then scroll to the bottom to buy your ticket for face value.

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