Ten Years of the Robot Needs Home Collective

Robot Needs Home


A compilation to celebrate our tenth anniversary to download as high-resolution MP3s

  1. Buenos Aires – Record breaker
  2. Maybeshewill – The Paris Hilton Sex Tape
  3. Fight Fire With Water – What On Earth? Is The Matter
  4. Herra Hidro – Yutaka Screams
  5. Speaking In Italics – Weary Eyes
  6. Death of London – Exheavyweightchampionoftheworld
  7. Cats and Cats and Cats – A Boy Called Haunts
  8. Haus – Esha Ness
  9. Juniors – Holy Caspian
  10. Goodfellas – If Our Souls Walk Side By Side
  11. Silent Devices – Moire
  12. Gallery 47 – Calla Killed A Bear
  13. These Furrows – No Voices (Acoustic)
  14. Waking Aida – How To Build A Space Station
  15. Ex Comets – Lost Cosmonauts

We Say:

A vaguely chronological journey through the last ten years of our putting out records.


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