Robot Needs Home


A compilation of music recorded at The Summer Sundae Fringe Festival in 2011 to download as high resolution MP3s

  1. Juniors – Polly House Craft Time (Live)
  2. Speaking In Italics – Before We Start To Walk (Live)
  3. &U&I – Accordingly In Motion (Live)
  4. Buenos Aires – Opportunity Is Nowhere (Live)
  5. Hymns – Repent and Rebuild (Live)
  6. These Furrows – A Few and a Thousand (Live)
  7. Grace Petrie – Londons Burning (Live)
  8. We Three and the Death Rattle – Stitches and Winners (Live)
  9. Herra Hidro – Fly Home Buddy (Live)
  10. Codex Leicester – Brilliant Hot Water (Live)


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