Kermes Release ‘No Names / No Flags’ Single & Video

Kermes have released their new single ‘No Names / No Flags, along with an acoustic version of a track from their EP on the b-side.

of the release, guitarist / vocalist Emily had this to say…

“We wanted this song to feel like a huge rush of emotion. The lyric is about a very specific moment of happiness that i don’t particularly want to expand on because it’s a very precious, private memory, but i’ll say this – it’s about finding whole universes of meaning in simple platonic gestures. it’s kind of an intense feeling i’m trying to convey, and the music is an attempt to reflect that by gradually building up all these layers of sound over an insistent Neu!-ish beat, the chorus almost chanted, with it all building up into a huge cresting wave of pitch shifted guitars. it’s a bit of a departure from our EP both in sound and theme, and absolutely 100% definitely not a signpost of things to come. it’s its own thing.

for the video (which we shot and edited ourselves), we knew we wanted it to be something starker, rawer and less frantic than the videos we’ve made in the past, and we eventually decided to push that to the logical extreme and shoot it in a single continuous take. our excellent friend and super-talented artist robert hardaker created a performance response to the song, which we then shot over and over again for three pretty gruelling hours. the end result is something that we couldn’t be prouder of.”

Download it from their bandcamp here

Watch the video for the A-Side here.

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