EXPORTS04 Compilation to be released for Record Store Day

Two years ago tomorrow we released our first ‘EXPORTS’ compilation – a collection of music produced in and around Leicester that we were really proud of. Tomorrow we’ll be releasing the third installment of that series.

Featuring tracks from the likes of Buenos Aires, Maybeshewill, Little Night Terrors, Her Name Is Calla, We Three and the Death Rattle, Speaking in Italics and Dark Dark Horse, amongst many others, it touches a wide range of the incredibly talent that’s bubbling away in our mostly grey city.

The track listings is as follows

  1. Buenos Aires – Recordbreaker
  2. Maybeshewill – Red Paper Lanterns
  3. Little Night Terrors – Pure
  4. Speaking In Italics – Swaying Ark
  5. Surrender The Coast – The Devil You Know
  6. Codex Leicester – A Mad Man’s Lullaby
  7. We Three and the Death Rattle – European Honeybee
  8. Juniors – Above Your Weight, Below The Belt
  9. Goodfellas – If Our Souls Walk Side By Side
  10. Trash Coast – Adventurer
  11. Silent Devices – Safer Place to Land
  12. Dark Dark Horse – Ethics
  13. Weikie – Vixen
  14. Her Name Is Calla – Maw

From midnight tonight you can download the compilation for free from our bandcamp store http://robotneedshome.bandcamp.com

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