T.E. Morris

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T.E. Morris




“…Striking Emotional Depth Added To Exquisite Songwriting To Produce Something Fragile Yet Extraordinarily Powerful.”  – The 405

“His Mind Is Full Of Ideas, Something Affirmed By His Prodigious Output…” – GodisintheTV

“At His Best, Morris Sounds Fragile, Brooding And Melancholic, His Voice Haunting… He Uses It To Forge An Atmosphere Of Quiet Intensity.” – Whisperin And Hollerin

T E Morris is the multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter behind critically acclaimed cult UK Post rock band Her Name is Calla. With a career spanning well over a decade, extensive tours across Europe alongside such renowned acts as RM Hubbert and Willy Mason and with more than twenty releases to his name includ- ing soundtracks for film and novel and television credits with Warp Films, Tom is now releasing his 4th and final full length solo album, Newfoundland before turning his focus to new creative endeavours and future commitments with HNIC.

Newfoundland is a truly fitting release to mark this momentous juncture in T E Morris’s musical journey; recorded at home in Leeds and Brno Czech Republic, Tom has enlisted the talents of several world class musi- cians to record this astoundingly beautiful album.

From the fragile, fluttering grace of opening track and lead single Decks the Rays, to the delicate, meandering passages of How far would you go to Disappear and the beautifully dark, poignant and gentle soundscapes found within Trials, T E Morris reveals himself completely through Newfoundland; laid bare in honest, introspective elegance.