Robot Needs Home



Kermes is an eight-legged pop monster from Leicester. They’ve been described as “theatrical”, “captivating”, “sparkling”, and “from Leicester”.

They’ve quickly earnt a reputation for intensely melodramatic guitar-pop songs and a live show that is all joy, sweat and fury. In August 2015, they self-released a 2-song demo on Bandcamp and now the band are readying their first EP proper, You See Others Seeing You, scheduled for release in June 2016 via the Robot Needs Home Collective (Maybeshewill, Waking Aida). In the meantime however the band are releasing their first video, for Here from the upcoming EP.

The band embrace everything worth stealing in the guitar music canon – wrapping bold, hooky pop songs in pointed lyrics that tackle gender dysphoria, depression, denial and acceptance; the desire to be acknowledged vs the need for invisibility. With some of the band identifying variously as women, trans, and/or queer, much of Kermes’ lyrical themes are unavoidably centred around their experiences within these identities. However, this does not wholly define their creative output – while the song Here, for example, attacks a superficial, artificial ideal of queerness, it does so through the lens of a love song.

As with many of their peers from the ever blossoming Leicester scene, a deep rooted sense of DIY values run through Kermes’ output; this video and the upcoming EP being recorded by John Helps (Maybeshewill) and the band themselves across various spare rooms and spur-of the-moment locations. The passion and honesty captured through this approach is clear to see and hear.


“You see others seeing you is a special document of musical catharsis, both for the creators and the listeners. Kermes are a band longing to please, to be treasured”

“Unforgettable performances and a keen eye for when it’s appropriate to douse pop melodies in petrol and set them on fire”

“Sparkling, invigorating, powerful. Not a band you would forget quickly”

“Energetic queer-pop lovelies”